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The General Membership Branch of the Ottawa-Outaouais region

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GDC Local 6

Current Campaigns

Fighting Deportation

GDC Local 6 endorsed the fight of Fellow Worker Deepan Budlakoti in his struggle to keep his Canadian citizenship and not be deported to India.  You can support him by signing a petition, donating to his legal defense fund, and raising awareness about his case in your community. Read Deepan’s story.

GDC Local 6 Endorses Canadian’s Fight Against Deportation

Defending Panhandlers

Local Six’s ongoing campaign is to put pressure on Ottawa City Hall and the Ottawa Police so that they stopped their relentless harassment of members of the Ottawa Panhandlers Union and other people who live and work on the capital’s streets.

Read the May Day 2013 release.

Write Solidarity Letters

We urge General Defense Committee members, IWW members and all members of the working class to send letters and cards to the political prisoners listed here.

Write to Political Prisoners 

Donate to our campaigns

The General Defense Committee (GDC) Local 6 is supporting campaigns to raise legal defense funds:

Donate to the Panhandlers Union Defense Fund, a standing fund to support our union’s members deal with police and bylaw officer harassment on Ottawa’s streets. Make sure you put a note designating where your fee is going.

Buy a GDC T-Shirt

Contact Local 6 directly through to find out more about sizes, colours and designs.

Join the Defense!

Join the General Defense Committee!

Contact for an application form and more information.

Dues are $20 annually, with a one-time $5 initiation fee for new members. Members must agree with the Preamble of the IWW’s Constitution. Membership in the IWW is not required.

Read more about our mission and goals.

Read Local 6’s background story.

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