GDC Local Six’s Background Story

The General Defense Committee Local 6 was founded in October 2002 by members of the IWW Ottawa-Outaouais branch. Its members are now from across Canada and membership is open to the public and to all IWW members.

GDC Local 6’s first campaign was to raise funds to support the legal defense of the Seven Year Squatters who were arrested during a police raid on a house squatted on 243 Gilmour Street during the counter-G8 Take the Capital protests. The GDC also rallied community support, organizing a defense concert that featured local bands and provided an opportunity for the squatters to describe their situation.

GDC Local 6 has since run multiple campaigns, ranging from letter-writing to fundraising to advocacy.

Our local mobilized IWW members and community supporters to write letters and sign a petition demanding the reinstatement of Denis Rancourt, fired by the University of Ottawa (updates). Rancourt is still pursuing justice with the university.

In another campaign, Local 6 raised $1,000 to help pay the legal defense of Ottawa Panhandler Union organizer Andrew Nellis. The City of Ottawa dropped all charges, but not before Fellow Worker Nellis had incurred legal fees. The funds raised helped him pay his lawyer.