Support from Hamilton for FW Ahmad’s case vs CUPW

Solidarity from across Ontario

We are happy to announce that the IWW in Hamilton has sent a letter of support in our case for FW Ahmad against the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) bosses.

Solidarity with our Fellow Workers across the country (and world) is important to build a movement which seeks to democratize our workplaces and society. For this reason, we are extremely humbled to see that the Hamilton branch of the IWW stands with us against what we believe to be unjust behaviour on the part of CUPW.

The letter from Hamilton

The following is the contents of the letter that the Hamilton IWW branch sent in support of our Fellow Worker’s case. The original letter can be found below as a PDF.

To all National and Regional Officers of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers:

The Hamilton Branch of the Industrial Workers of the World is writing to you with regards to the current and ongoing disputes you have with Aalya Ahmad. We are deeply disappointed with your direction as a management team on how you are dealing with Aalya, as well as your decision to not deal with the IWW on the matter.

CUPW has been a strong, militant union which has made many gains, not just for its members, but for all workers. Constantly fighting Canada Post and demanding better, one asks: how you can justify mistreating your employees. Does your staff not deserve the same respect that your members do? Your actions as an employer are shameful.

While you are currently negotiating with your employer, our branch has shut down postal depots on numerous occasions. We have held the line for your rank and file while you chose not to take action. We have been named by your employer and legally threatened; yet we did not back down because we know what is right. Respecting workers is what is right, and we demand that you respect Aalya Ahmad, and negotiate with her and the IWW.

We have chosen to stand with Aalya during this matter and we will not back down. An Injury To One Is An Injury To All, and be well aware that this is not only an injury to Aalya, it is an injury to your rank and file members as well as to the labour movement as a whole.

Hamilton – IWW