In Support of our Friends and Neighbours in Ottawa

The Battle of Billings Bridge

The Battle of Billings Bridge

On February 13, 2022 the Battle of Billings Bridge took place. Organized by a group of dog walkers in the community, this spontaneous action drew instant support and a rapid response. Intelligence in the convoy resistance learned the planned route for the Convoy’s drive around Ottawa, and the information was leaked late the night before departure. Word began to spread throughout the community through mutual aid networks, signal phone trees, and word of mouth. From dog walkers to cross country skiers, from union leaders to first time demonstrators, from the experienced to the youth, it seemed like Ottawa has finally reached its limit.

We could not be more proud of our community for facing down a mob that has been occupying our streets for weeks now, intimidating our community with their boorish behaviour, disrupting our lives, torturing us with round-the-clock horn honking, swarming businesses without masks on, holding a drunken carnival in our streets, targeting symbols of queer pride, launching racist tirades at passerby, attacking community members for wearing masks, and even trying to burn down an apartment building full of people. We’re calling this what it is. This is a fascist movement, and we stand with you against it Ottawa!


It’s time, it’s past time, to take back our community. To come together in the spirit of solidarity as brave Ottawans did today, challenging the convoy directly and showing them that they can’t have their way. Some of us were already among you yesterday, standing shoulder to shoulder in solidarity. It’s not going to be their way anymore, it’s time for the highway. Time for them to go home. It’s time for US, to SEND THEM HOME.

The whole city has called on the Mayor to do more, but the mayor chose to negotiate with these hooligans that have held us hostage for three weeks! Many have called on the police to enforce the law, but the police have presided over this farce and let the convoy turn our city into a dangerous embarrassment. Now, voices call for the military to be sent in to clear the protesters, and while that may end occupation, we call for another way. We call for a better way! We call for our way! All of us!

All of Ottawa!

We call on our brave community members keep getting organized! Get organized like the dog walkers group that put together today’s successful action! Get organized like the community leaders who put on the Ottawa Community Rally in Solidarity on Feb 12th! Get organized like the brave people who challenged their control of City Hall last week! Get organized like the #RamRanchResistance online and contribute to the information battle! Get organized like the mutual aid networks that have sprung up to assist community members in distress and provide support to our most vulnerable! Get organized with your friends, get organized with your neighbours, get organized with your families, get organized with your co-workers!

Get Organized!

It’s time to start taking our own action, just like the Battle of Billings Bridge. There are more of us than there are of them. Co-ordinate with each other, work with who you know and trust. Have each other’s backs. Don’t take unnecessary risks, stay safe! We are a city of over one million people. We can do this!

Solidarity Forever

The Ottawa-Outaouais General Membership Branch